Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dr. Oz and Panel on GMO's

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Dr. Oz discusses the subject of GMOs with his guests. The woman on the panel is trying to make people think that GMOs are safe, when they're not. Suppressed research has shown them to be harmful.

Thanks to Dr. Oz for having this topic on his show and helping to raise awareness about GMOs.

We need to push the government for required labeling of all GMOs. People have a right to know. Please sign any and all petitions you come across for labeling.

For more information about GMOs, visit these websites:






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This is a list of people with huge conflicts of interest; those who work (or have worked) for both the government AND the biotech industry--at one time or another. They will be listed as such:

Government position:
Corporate position:

David W. Beier
-Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Al Gore
-Head of Government Affairs, Genentech, Inc.

Linda J. Fisher
-Assistant Administrator, EPA Office of Pollution Prevention
-VP of Government and Public Affairs for Monsanto

Michael A. Friedman, MD
-Commisioner, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
-Senior VP for Clinical Affairs, G.D. Searle and Co.

L. Val Giddings
-Biotechnology Regulator, US Dept. of Agriculture
-VP for Food and Agriculture, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Marcia Hale
-Assistant to the President Director for Intergovernmental Affairs
-Director of International Government Affairs, Monsanto Corp.

Mickey Kantor
-Secretary, US Dept. of Commerce
-Member, Board of Directors, Monsanto Corp.

Josh King
-Director of Production, White House Events
-Director of Global Communications, Monsanto Corp.

Terry Medley
-Administrator, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, US Dept. of Agriculture
-Director of Regulatory and External Affairs, Dupont Corp.

Margaret Miller
-Deputy Director of Human Food Safety, FDA
-Chem Lab Supervisor, Monsanto Corp.

Michael Phillips
-Agriculture Board Member, National Academy of Science
-Head of Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology Industry Organization

William D. Ruckelshaus
-Chief Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
-Director, Monsanto Corp.

Michael Taylor
-Legal Advisor, FDA
-Head of Wasington DC Office, Monsanto Corp.

Tom Vilsack
-U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (current)
-Chair of the Governors Biotechnology Partnership

Lidia Watrud
-Ecology Division, EPA
-Biotechnology Researcher, Monsanto Corp.

Jack Watson
-Chief of Staff to President Jimmy Carter
-Attorney, Monsanto Corp.

Clayton K. Yeutter
-Secretary, US Dept. of Agriculture
-Board member, Mycogen Corp.

Larry Zeph
-Biologist, Office of Prevention, EPA
-Regulatory Science Manager, Pioneer Hi-Bred International

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