Friday, March 16, 2012


How much longer can we live with these lies?

Fukushima is now safe & released less radiation than Chernobyl = LIE.
The BP oil spill has stopped = LIE.
Abraham Lincoln, JFK & Martin Luther King were shot by lone assassins = LIE.
9/11 & 7/7 were the work of Islamic terrorists = LIE.
Libya needed help to overthrow an evil dictator = LIE.
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction = LIE.
Workers unions are a threat to national & economic stability = LIE.
Zionist Jews have a right to own & control Palestine = LIE.
Chavez & Fidel Castro are evil dictators = LIE.
Welfare & disabled benefits claimants are draining nations of cash = LIE.
Mainstream medias are unbiased & report the news accurately = LIE.
Fluoride is good for our teeth = LIE.
Nuclear power is safe & we need to build more nuclear power stations = LIE.
Man-made CO2 alone is destroying our planet by causing global warming = LIE.
Aspartame is safe & does not damage cognitive brain function = LIE.
Sugar is not one of the most toxic foods on the planet = LIE.
Cannabis/Hemp is a dangerous drug from which ppl must be protected = LIE
Gold is the most valuable thing on Earth & we should obey those with gold = LIE.
Silver is not more productive than gold - neither is it vital to healthcare = LIE.
Nuclear power is not THE single biggest cause of global cancer = LIE.
Obama is an American-born citizen = LIE.
Princess Dianna died through accidental death = LIE.
GMO crops are perfectly safe & do not pose a serious threat to living DNA = LIE.
There are no such thing as chemtrails = LIE.
There are no such things as UFO's = LIE.
The Queen has honoured her Coronation Oath & signed Contract = LIE.
UK & USA politicians are not guilty of treason = LIE.
Prohibition on drugs is neccessary to protect public health = LIE.
The Churches follow & reflect an accurate understanding of Jesus = LIE.
All crop circles are created by ppl with rope & wooden boards = LIE.
Nations of the world can solve their problems by voting for new politicians = LIE.
The present economic crash was an unforeseeable accident = LIE.
Global Bankers do not control our polticians & virtually every corporation = LIE.
David Kelly committed suicide = LIE.
Animal experiments are neccessary & help provide safer medicines = LIE.
Tony Farrell is suffering mental-health problems = LIE.
Privatisation was a good thing that made life better = LIE.
The 99% owe trillions to the World Banks = LIE.
The NHS is safe in Government hands = LIE.
Your birth certificate is not a certificate of human bondage = LIE.
Common Law is not a valid law - the real law is Maritime/Corporate Law = LIE.
Humans have no powers of telepathy, premonition or natural-intuition = LIE.
We can just ignore Universal physics-for-thought; Ethics of Compassion = LIE.
There are no viable & sustainable alternatives to oil & nuclear energy = LIE.
The 99% can't be trusted & are too stupid to build a fairer & happier world = LIE.
God will come down from the sky & save us if we shut up & put up with madness long enough & be good subserviant sheep & allow our children & their children to become ever more deeply enslaved to the Corporate New World Order = LIE.

WAKE UP GET ACTIVE: Write to BBC - write to your MP - write an online blog about key issues - talk to ppl around you i.e. family, friends, the public, organise community meetings - promote and discuss positive solutions like hemp & silver & ecotechnology - eat & drink more healthily - donate & invest in viable/positive alternatives - grow your own food - share information - recycle EVERYTHING and above all else; BE EXCELLENT TO ONE ANOTHER. Respect x

THANK YOU TO MY FRIEND Deborah Mahmoudieh of
Supporting Independence of Palestine

THE LIES touch everyone on the planet : WE ARE ALL ONE!!!

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